Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The neglected blog finally gets a good dusting and removal of cobwebs!

Okay, to start off with a new post in an old, neglected blog is making me feel very awkward. Have no idea what to write about lol. Just a couple of updates then, haha. Okay, 15th of January, I finally stepped onto Australian soil, been having quite alot of fun since then lol. Including a car accident with my cousin at the wheels. =P Atmosphere here is very different from Malaysia.

For example, anyone that shops here that comes from Malaysia would probably go like, "Wah, the servis here so gud aaaa..." cause seriously, the people that work here give pretty good service lol, or it could be just the places I'm been going to, but I'm pretty sure it's the people lol. Also, everything here closes at 5.30...and only 9pm on Thursdays and Fridays... so it's actually really boring here if you don't have anything to do. But it's a change from Malaysian life though lol, I might actually prefer the speedier lifestyle in Msia lol, it's just some kind of innate preference instilled in me, I guess.

Okay..what else. Ah, I went fishing earlier this month. 5am - cold as hell. 7am - still cold as hell. 11pm onwards - hot as hell. Seriously lol, the weather here is soo weird. It can be 48 degrees celcius during the day but once 6pm comes, the 'cool change" comes and the temp drops to a comfortable level lol. That's what the call it here, the ' cool change" lol. Caught a good amount of fish, have to say sea fishing is better than pond or lake fishing =P. I'll include pictures in my next post if i can, haha. I'm a lazy person when it comes to uploading. Caught some pike, trevali, whitings, flatheads, salmon and some other random fishes lol. 

Other than that, on the public transport system here, it's definitely more efficient than Malaysia, lol. No doubt about that. Still not as good as Singapore though, I have to say. Thanks to the efficiency of the system here, that means I get to go to the city more often lol. The city is pretty fun =P, lots of fun stuff to do. Random shops, I like. But that also means that my wallet is suffering alot, I can almost hear him just sitting there, moaning in pain like someone dealt him a lowblow lol. "Augh...godddd. Did ya have to kick it THAT HARD? ugh..." lol.

Okayy, will update even more on the uhh.. next update =P
Until then, sayonara! =P

Edit : The pictures are uploaded ^^ Beware of bad photography skillz.

The bay where we set sail, for the open ocean. Though the pics look like sunset, it's actually dawn lol.

The other side of the bay. Which is called Rocky Point.

Stairs leading down to the bay.

Another angle.

The dawn sky.

The ship we set sail in. The mighty "BroadBill" lol

Random seal was eating an octopus when we saw it lol.

Sorry guys lol, some kind of error made the images look like that, too lazy to fix =P
So if ya wanna view the full thing, you guys are going to have to click on them lol.

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