Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The neglected blog finally gets a good dusting and removal of cobwebs!

Okay, to start off with a new post in an old, neglected blog is making me feel very awkward. Have no idea what to write about lol. Just a couple of updates then, haha. Okay, 15th of January, I finally stepped onto Australian soil, been having quite alot of fun since then lol. Including a car accident with my cousin at the wheels. =P Atmosphere here is very different from Malaysia.

For example, anyone that shops here that comes from Malaysia would probably go like, "Wah, the servis here so gud aaaa..." cause seriously, the people that work here give pretty good service lol, or it could be just the places I'm been going to, but I'm pretty sure it's the people lol. Also, everything here closes at 5.30...and only 9pm on Thursdays and Fridays... so it's actually really boring here if you don't have anything to do. But it's a change from Malaysian life though lol, I might actually prefer the speedier lifestyle in Msia lol, it's just some kind of innate preference instilled in me, I guess.

Okay..what else. Ah, I went fishing earlier this month. 5am - cold as hell. 7am - still cold as hell. 11pm onwards - hot as hell. Seriously lol, the weather here is soo weird. It can be 48 degrees celcius during the day but once 6pm comes, the 'cool change" comes and the temp drops to a comfortable level lol. That's what the call it here, the ' cool change" lol. Caught a good amount of fish, have to say sea fishing is better than pond or lake fishing =P. I'll include pictures in my next post if i can, haha. I'm a lazy person when it comes to uploading. Caught some pike, trevali, whitings, flatheads, salmon and some other random fishes lol. 

Other than that, on the public transport system here, it's definitely more efficient than Malaysia, lol. No doubt about that. Still not as good as Singapore though, I have to say. Thanks to the efficiency of the system here, that means I get to go to the city more often lol. The city is pretty fun =P, lots of fun stuff to do. Random shops, I like. But that also means that my wallet is suffering alot, I can almost hear him just sitting there, moaning in pain like someone dealt him a lowblow lol. "Augh...godddd. Did ya have to kick it THAT HARD? ugh..." lol.

Okayy, will update even more on the uhh.. next update =P
Until then, sayonara! =P

Edit : The pictures are uploaded ^^ Beware of bad photography skillz.

The bay where we set sail, for the open ocean. Though the pics look like sunset, it's actually dawn lol.

The other side of the bay. Which is called Rocky Point.

Stairs leading down to the bay.

Another angle.

The dawn sky.

The ship we set sail in. The mighty "BroadBill" lol

Random seal was eating an octopus when we saw it lol.

Sorry guys lol, some kind of error made the images look like that, too lazy to fix =P
So if ya wanna view the full thing, you guys are going to have to click on them lol.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Woah. It's been long. =P

To sum things up, it's been pretty jam-packed after SPM. I couldn't really find the time to properly sit down and blog. Some people have been pestering me, so here I am, once again. In between gaming and drinking, ( you know who you are ><), I've been going to paintball, eating in different restaurants and poking my nose around in the gaming industry. I've decided to take courses in RMIT, but that's only after I take my VCE's next year. For those who don't know, the VCE is the equivalent of A Levels in Malaysia. Only after that will I be able to take my desired course. I'm also going to Singapore this Friday XD, to attend my cousin's wedding and I'll be staying there until after Christmas. Apparently there'll be some big celebration so my camera will ever-ready once there haha. Will update this blog with pics after the holiday cause SOME people said that I should include pics cause it looks boring >.> Oh well, all the please the readers. 

Justin, out.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Don't know what this falls under. Musings of life perhaps.

There probably comes a time for everyone where we have to part with something or someone. I was one of those people that never really worried about SPM to begin with. No late night studies, group studies, extra class on Saturdays or even constant revision to begin with. What I learnt in class, ( if i was learning at that particular moment ), was what I was going to use against in SPM.
I always thought that SPM was a far and distant event, it's like knowing someone is going to have their birthday next year but you don't really have to keep it in our mind until the person's birthday is like.. next week lol. 

So SPM came, we took our tests and the breaks in-between were filled with people doing last minute studies for the next subject or just discussing about the subject. It was always about a subject. But me and a couple of people ( they know who they are ), just kind of sat there and talked about strategies to use in Red Alert III. We were calm as a rock. My teachers told me that being scared a little for SPM is good, it's so you can have the motivation to study and pray you don't suck. But for me, I just kind of took it as it is. Like okay.. SPM's coming, and uh.. it is. 
None of the "What am I going to do now?" "Shit, I never studied enough." happened. It's not that I'm being purposely ignorant, it's just that the effect of "ohshitness" never came. 

I took the tests. Some questions I could answer and some I couldn't. Fair enough. But I didn't beat myself up over it lol. I know some people are. So I'm just sitting here wondering, is it better to be a worrier but get things done properly? or like carefree and get things done when they come.. lol. This question is probably one of those that every person has a strong opinion about and there could probably never be a clear answer. But SPM is going to be over in less than 24 hours, and I'm feeling... 

Funny thing. I'm not feeling happy, it just feels numb and freeing. It's like a weight has been taken off my shoulders. ( Not that it was very heavy to begin with.) I just feel thankful for the teachers for never giving up on me, despite the things I did. I know I wronged a few of them, and I still have not apologized. But that issue's for another day. Even back during when we were asking for our forecast results. The teacher's were like "How do you think you're going to do in SPM?" And I said. "I'm gonna do okay. Give me what you think I deserve. I'm not going to beg for grades." The teacher's faces remained kind of stone-like and they wrote the mark. And I was happy. For I was not one of those people, that goes to the teacher, stands at their desk, smiles sheepishly, asking for better grades. I'm not saying that's bad, it's good for your future but it's just not me. 

There was this particular teacher that went "You're not going to regret this?" after I said all that. I went " No." And that teacher went ahead and gave me an A. So I guess there are rewards somewhat for people like me. Or is that just wishful thinking lol. I have dreams I want to accomplish, even now, I'm working toward them. I've completed a few and hopefully I'll complete a lot more. But I know that the experiences that led me to become who I am today was mostly gained from school and I would not be able to complete my dreams without them.

So, after 11 long years....

Terima Kasih, Cikgu. 

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Deteriorating Condition in Pet Shops.

Today, I paid a visit to Pet Safari in Ikano. I can call myself a regular there as
most of the staff in the reptile division know me. The conditions were never pristine
exactly since the beginning of time, but it was functional and I understand that there
wasn't time to clean a cage every time it's inhabitant went No:2. 

But I went today,and the first sight that greeted me was a dead Oriental Whipsnake =.=
I was like, that sucks.. and I just kind of walked in as I wanted to take a look at the other 
reptiles. But the sight just keeps getting worse and worse. The flying gecko enclosure was overcrowded and filthy, the Y-Line gecko is still there and probably will until it dies. Almost all the snake cages were infested with mites, a particular Mexican Black Kingsnake that has MBD 
(Metabolic Bone Disease) is still there, despite my previous attempts at getting the owner of the
place to give it medical attention, then sell it. 

I saw carpet python hatchlings huddling in a corner for warmth as there wasn't any heat lamp over them. (The place has air-conditioning, therefore the need for heat lamps) Water was unchanged, and there was algae growing in their water bowls, who knows what kind of bacteria and microorganisms could be growing in there. All the snakes look unfed and unhealthy. 
Except for one which I suspect is a new entry, the Nelson's Milksnake. 

I don't know what the operators of the place are thinking. Don't they care about the fact that
they are selling unhealthy specimens to possible newbies at keeping herps? I indirectly asked questions that I knew the answers to, so that I could see if the staff are actually knowledgeable.
This was the answer I got. =.=

Me: Bang, ini Coastal Carpet Python import dari mana?
The dude : Back from Africa! *with a smile* =.=
Me: Oh....

At that moment, I was already in WTF mode. Coastal Carpet Pythons are native to Australia! And what I am even more curious about is the fact that how three Coastal Carpet Pythons managed to be way over here when Australia bans the export and import of wildlife. Illegal?

If you're going to sell herps, please give them a condition that is sanitary at the least. Hire experienced people at handling herps, not some random foreign worker that has experience at killing snakes in his own backyard in Indonesia or where ever. Keeping reptiles can be very easy. I don't even know why they use loose substrate in pet shops, just go for tiles or plastic layers =.=
Much cleaner and not to mention, easier to disinfect and clean!

And for possible newbie herp keepers, please.. if you see a pet shop that has these unsanitary conditions, please don't buy herps from them. It will be a bad experience for both you and the reptile in question. Don't think that you are doing the reptile a favour by purchasing them as you are only benefiting the operator's pocket, which will then bring in even more herps for the same suffering. Buy from reputable breeders and trust me, many can be found in Malaysia. After-sales service is also usually better from these breeders, as they can provide first-hand knowledge and experience from KEEPING snakes. Not SELLING them. 

Call this a rant or whatever you wish, I'm just pissed. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Japanese Confectionery and Good Food

I for one, am a lover of all food Japanese. 
Be it fish, beef (my favourite), prawns, vege or even just snacks..
They all have a certain quality about them.

No, I'm not talking about those "Teppanyaki" shops in malls where 
Indonesian or Myanmar employees are supposedly serving you
"Japanese" food.

I'm talking about the good stuff. For those who have had a chance eating out
at Japanese specialty restaurants, you'll get what I mean haha..

I mean, every single edible thing they make has effort that they put it in, 
you can literally taste the effort and the taste just becomes superb, even though you're
just eating authentic Japanese prawn crackers.

Compared to the crap prawn crackers we have here in Malaysia, with the "Buatan Malaysia" sign on the packaging, those prawn crackers in Japan taste like a little bit of heaven. We should 
be ashamed to put the word "Buatan Malaysia" on something that is so horrendously devoid 
of quality.

And this issue is not usually just related to the edible part of the product. On the left, you have a packet of your everyday packet of "Keropok Udang" and on the right, you have a plastic design of a Japanese product that looks better than the Malaysian flag! Sorry, I'll take the Japanese one please. 

And also, the dishes they serve on the Japanese menu. Those dishes come with mini side-dishes that actually serve different purposes other than the sake of stuffing your face. When you order meals with rice and a certain food, let's say chicken. Chicken Katsu-don it is. But on the side, you have these little coloured slices of preserved radishes or carrots. What are they for? They're for you to take in between your meal to prevent the flavour of the chicken to overwhelm your tastebuds and make you lose your appetite. And also, why is there a cup of steamed egg next to your rice? Because the taste of chicken goes with eggs! And also, why do they have this powder that they let you pour over your rice.. The possibilities are endless.

The entire dish is so bloody colourful lol. Maybe it's because I'm a guy and I'm stimulated by all the pretty colours but I honestly think that Japanese food is an art, thanks to the people who toiled day and night to find the perfect chilli-powder and cut-up radish pieces ratio to act as a appetizer.

For anyone who wishes to experience fine Japanese dining, I suggest you visit restaurants like Rakuzen and Kura. Google them and you'll find the places. Don't be lazy now. 

And when you do visit, don't be a wuss and order just your ordinary tempura rice set. ( Though there's nothing wrong with tempura. ) Learn to explore and you'll be surprised to find out that you like a lot of different things.

I suggest for anyone visiting Rakuzen to try this dish, the Gyuniku Tataki, it's slices of raw beef just slightly singed at the sides, with fried garlic, spicy chopped radish and spring onion as the sides. You won't be disappointed. And if you have deeper pockets, I suggest trying the Wagyu Tataki. It comes at around RM65 for the smallest serving if I remember correctly. I am telling you, this beef MELTS in your mouth. You wouldn't even want to drink tea after it cause the aftertaste is just as good. 

So try, and rewarded you shall be. ^^ 

Monday, November 17, 2008

Of quiet mornings.

Sometimes my mind wanders off, usually when I'm in my room alone...
Days that just start off calm and tranquil, like mornings with the sound of light raindrops...
Little rays of sunlight peeking in through the curtains, bathing light onto the floor...
And my eyes open but I do not wish to awake, just staying there, absorbing the quietness...

Just plain quietness with raindrops as white noise.

And I'm happy for some weird reason, happy for simply being there, or rather here. 
It's just all so... so...undescribable.